Starting the Serendum Journey

For ten years, we have been known as Create Azure. Today, we have re-branded to be Serendum™. Create Azure has provided web and software development, mobile application development, systems engineering, and web and server hosting over the last ten years. Our services have provided crucial technology to businesses ranging from small to large throughout various sectors and industries.

We have prided ourselves on our client relationships, our near 90% client retention rates, and our low need for marketing. In fact, we rarely ever invested in marketing as Create Azure. We relied on building strong customer relations, providing amazing support, and providing an amazing service to market our software development firm. It worked.

As we grew, we outgrew our name. A name chosen in 2012 no longer defined the company we became. The journey begins today as Serendum™, a journey not so different from the journey that began with Create Azure in 2012. We have never intended for our company to remain stagnant, and we knew this time would come at some point.

Our Core Values

Serendum™'s core values orbit around our new name. Working together, we believe we can bring Innovation Through Collaboration. From honesty, transparency, collaboration, and humanitarism — we are focused on changing the world and helping people succeed.

Our Specialties

Serendum™ has been focused on technology for the last ten years. We specialize in digital marketing, web and software development, systems engineering, and helping to build successful businesses by creating technologies that simplify and automate their workflows.

The Future

The future looks good. Serendum™ is committed to building long-lasting client relations, helping more businesses succeed, and providing services and products to help your business thrive. Interested in working with Serendum™? Check out our brands.

Diversity in Our Industry

Serendum's diversity-centric mentality comes from our roots as an LGBTQ+-owned organization. We have devoted ourselves to working with LGBTQ+-friendly organizations, working with minority-owned businesses, and working with businesses that recognize the importance of diversity in all industries.

LGBTQ+ Diversity Flag

Challenges for LGBTQ+ in the Tech Industry

The technology industry has a long way to go yet for acceptance of LGBTQ+ employees. A study by TechLeavers in 2017 found that LGBTQ+ tech employees were more likely to experience bullying and public humiliation than their non-LGBTQ+ colleagues. The technology industry employs around 50% of Glassdoor LGBTQ+ employees making it more welcome than some; still, almost 40% of the 7,000 tech employees surveyed by an anonymous Blind app post said they'd witnessed or experienced some form of gender or sexuality-related discrimination at work.

The Importance of Women in Technology

Serendum™ recognizes the importance of women in technology, and remains devoted to ensuring our team includes women equally. In 2020, a study conducted by the Institute found that women make up only 28.8% of the tech workforce. According to a 2021 report from McKinsey & Co. shows that 42% of women in tech felt burnt out. Women also reported difficulty advancing into higher positions and a lack of female mentors and role models within companies.

Serendum™'s Equality Commitment

At Serendum™, we take equality seriously. Our pay scales and salaries start at a base for everyone, and are calculated and adjusted for cost-of-living in that employee's locale. As Serendum™'s employees are mostly remote, they will each have a different cost-of-living adjustment based on their city, state and country. Some companies abuse this method of salary calculation by offering an extremely low base salary, but Serendum™ remains committed to having a liveable base salary based on the cost-of-living in the United States.

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