Serendum™ Community Outreach Program

Serendum™ remains committed to assisting low-income communities in their long-term goals of boosting technology use, implementation, education, and innovation through collaboration.

For ten years, Serendum™ has provided tools, developed web and software applications, and created websites for small and medium businesses — many of which were part of rural communities. During the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses that did not have an online storefront were forced to close, lay-off employees, and reconsider their business model.

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, Serendum™ has been dedicated to reducing costs of new websites for small businesses, providing options for affordable hosting, and creating feasible options for businesses that cannot afford to promote their digital presence.

Serendum™ is dedicated to continuing this support long-term. Through our new Community Outreach Program, we hope to reduce costs of digital marketing and development for small-to-medium businesses across the US and abroad.

Our Goals for the Community Outreach Program

We break down the long-term goals, as well as explain why we are working to create innovative alternatives to assist small business.

Creating an Affordable Digital Presence

Creating a digital presence for your business or yourself can be costly. The exact costs vary widely from platform to platform, and for many business owners it can be confusing to find an advertising platform that works for you. Serendum™ is actively working on new, robust ways to provide affordable options to build your digital presence.

In 2017, WordStream found that the average cost-per-click (CPC) on a Facebook advertisement was $1.72 regardless of industry, with a total click-through-rate (CTR) of 0.9% across all industries. This means that for every 112 people that see your advertisement, or 112 impressions, you will have one person who clicks the advertisement.

For each click, you will pay an average of $1.72, regardless of conversion status. According to the same study, the average conversion rate on Facebook in 2017 was 9.21%. On average, it would take 1,344 impressions, or 12 clicks to obtain one conversion at an average cost of $20.64 per conversion without consideration of industry-specific CTR, CPC, and cost-per-thousand (CPM) impression rates.

There are many considerations when creating a digital presence and an advertising campaign, including both budget and ROI considerations and design, ad copy, and appeal-to-consumer considerations. Serendum™ is dedicated to helping small businesses understand the full benefits and costs as well as return on digital presence investments.

In 2022, Serendum™ is working on building an online marketplace for Main Street businesses that cannot afford to invest the resources, time, and energy in their own marketplace or digital experience. By partnering with Serendum™, businesses can receive professional guidance and support through our Community Outreach Program.

The Basics Should be Included

As part of our commitment to help small businesses thrive in technology, we make all of the things we consider "basic" technological needs completely free. While our competitors charge for things like backups, advanced technical support, and professional consultations and guidance, we believe that everything that helps your business succeed should be included.

Basic Backups

All hosting services provided by cloudMonic include basic backups and restoration options. Basic backups come with a rotating schedule of backups, and limitations may differ between plans. All plans include a minimum of two rotating backups and the ability to request download of backups stored at any time.

Basic Architecture Support

Building out solutions isn't included, but assisting you with the education, resources, and providing professional consultations? We've got you. Open a support ticket with the brand you're working with, and they'll be happy to help you with your next build-out.

DDoS Mitigation and Protection

All plans, including free plans, have DDoS mitigation and resolution assistance. We work hard to avoid null-routing IP addresses and cutting off your business, unlike some of our competitors. We will work with you through DDoS-related issues and help provide long-term solutions for you.

DDoS attacks are often randomized, and at no-fault of the customer. We understand that and work with our Network Operations Center to ensure all customers are provided a high-level of DDoS mitigation and protection.

Free SSL Certificates

Serendum™ utilizes Let's Encrypt, a free and automated open certificate authority founded by the non-profit Internet Security Research Group (ISRG) to provide all hosted websites with free SSL certificates. We understand the importance of data encryption and securely browsing the internet, and Let's Encrypt provides us with the ability to strengthen the internet and your website at no cost to you.

Resources and Support for Education

Serendum™ recognizes the importance of the education sector and providing adequate resources in technology to the education sector. As we grow, we intend to invest more into technology and resources to better education systems across the United States and abroad.

Working with our brands, we hope to provide educational resources for everyone — not just students and scholars. With over ten years of experience in the technology industry, Serendum™ has made it a priority to encourage knowledge-sharing and innovation-building collaboration for all.

In addition to our own internal resources and knowledge-sharing programs, which will launch later in 2022 and 2023, we actively provide education-related discounts to students, teachers, public schools, and higher education institutions through all Serendum™ brands. Please reach out to us via our Partner page or reach out to the brand you're interested in working with for more information.

Integrating Rural and the Workplace

Serendum™ is proud to be one of the 16% of world-wide companies that support and encourage fully remote working opportunities. However, creating a remote work environment isn't without consequences.

According to the FCC , more than 19,000,000 (19 million) Americans lack access to high-speed internet, a basic requirement for working in the technology industry. Many of these individuals are from rural communities with lower income per capita than cities and metropolitan areas, increasing the likelihood of these communities remaining below the poverty line and forcing technology-minded individuals to leave the community for opportunities.

As Serendum™ grows, we look forward to investing in smaller communities and providing education and resources to low-income communities that are affected. These investments can often be costly, and are part of our long-term goals to revitalize rural communities.

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