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Collaborating with Attempt Global

Attempt Global , a Washington state non-profit corporation, aims to end human and animal suffering by creating long-term solutions for neglect, abuse, hunger, poverty, and inequality.

Our Director started Attempt Global in September of 2021 following the United States withdrawal from Afghanistan, which left behind US citizens and thousands of Afghan citizens that worked for US-based non-profit organizations and the US government during the occupation of Afghanistan. While Attempt Global's current focus is on a group of 162 at-risk Afghan citizens, the long-term goals of the non-profit organization include providing sustainable and affordable housing, supplying food to those in need, and creating networks of low-cost animal clinics and shelters across the US and abroad.

Creating a better world to live in for everyone is what Serendum™ is all about. Serendum™ collaborates with Attempt Global by donating profits and providing technological services and assistance to support the non-profit's mission. As Serendum™ grows, we will continue to invest profits into communities near and far.

Non-Profit Partnerships

Serendum™ welcomes other non-profit organizations who are interested in receiving services and technological assistance at discounted or free rates to apply via our Partner page. Please note that free services are first-come, first-serve, but all non-profit organizations will qualify for discounted items through our brands.

Mission Alignment for Donations

Serendum™ understands that each non-profit organization has their own missions. However, in general, we look for donation partnerships that align with our mission of creating a better world through providing education, reducing technology-related energy footprints, providing free food and water, providing affordable and sustainable housing, and other related missions. Donation Partnerships are specific partnerships that include Serendum™ donating a percentage of profits to a specific non-profit outside of Attempt Global.

Getting Involved

Supporting non-profits through Serendum™ is easy and comes at no cost to you. When you purchase from any Serendum™ brand, a portion of the profits made from that brand goes to Attempt Global and any occasional Donation Partnership we have running. Our Newsroom will be updated when we have an active Donation Partnership and will provide information about the duration of the partnership.

Non-Profit Collaboration FAQs

Serendum™ may occasionally partner with select non-profit organizations in order to provide donations in the form of profit sharing. These events are posted on our Newsroom and the announcement will include the duration of the partnership, the percentage of profit sharing, and the payout timeline/period.

These partnerships are referred to as Donation Partnerships. We choose each Donation Partnership internally by conducting a vote between our employees. In the future, we may request client input via your Serendum™ Portal account.

Donation Partnerships are chosen at random, and we generally run one or two per year. Although there is no guarantee that your organization will be chosen, we welcome all non-profit organizations that align with our core values and mission to apply via our Partner page.

Our Director is committed to helping Attempt Global's mission advance and succeed, as well as the overall betterment of the world. As such, Serendum™ tries to provide as much assistance as possible to the mission. In the same time, we understand that we have a responsibility to continue operations as a for-profit company at Serendum™.

Profits are defined as final balances following bill payments, employee payments, general administration and business costs, and research and development costs. As we continue to grow, the amount of money that Serendum™ can contribute comfortably will grow. This is a long-term partnership program, and is not something that will happen overnight.

If you are a non-profit organization and you are interested in discounted or free services and products from a Serendum™ brand, you may reach out to us via our Partner page or you may reach out to the individual brand.

We are committed to helping non-profits build their online and digital presence, and we would be happy to support you.

Serendum™ partners with non-profit organizations with various missions and goals. In general, we only partner with non-profit organizations that align with our mission and core values for Donation Partnerships.

However, we welcome all non-profit organizations for other partnerships including free and discounted services.